CHAFCO is a group company as a leading manufacturer of aluminum foil in China. We have accumulated over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our technical know-how, experience and expertise, advanced machinery and process technology together have enabled us to produce high-quality all-gauge aluminum foil products efficiently.

We believe our products’ consistently high quality has earned us strong brand recognition and allowed us to establish strong relationships with our customers in both the domestic and international markets. 


CHAFCO has three world class manufacturing sites in China working together as a homogenous unit exclusively dedicated to the production of aluminium foil. The comprehensive product range offered by the three sites – in terms of capacity, widths and other technical specifications – brings a dependable answer to a broad range of specification demands.  


CHAFCO’s range of products, which includes:

· Converter alu-foil

· Alu-foil for food containers & candle lights

· Alu-foil for closers

· Alu-foil for pharmaceutical packaging

· Household alu-foil

· Cigarette alu-foil

· Chocolate alu-foil

· Chewing gum alu-foil

· Alu-foil for lidding applications